ARO collaborates with residents in a number of neighborhoods to implement an efficient separation at source recycling service provided by reclaimers who already work in the areas. The programme is currently underway in the suburbs of Auckland Park, Brixton and Bordeaux. Residents in Randpark Ridge, Northcliffe and Riverlea have expressed interest in establishing the programme in their suburbs.

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Please show your support for our valuable reclaimers by donating to the Back-A-Buddy campaign set up to support reclaimers during the COVID-19 Lockdown in South Africa.

In each participating suburb, participating reclaimers provide residents with plastic bags for recyclables donated by the producer responsibility organisation PETCO. Residents place their recyclable materials inside bags, which the reclaimers collect once a week, at which time they provide residents with new bags. In partnership with PETCO, ARO is moving towards the provision of reusable receptacles, and has already distributed 300 recycling bins to schools, residences and small businesses.

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