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ARO is a membership-based democratic organisation of reclaimers working with reclaimers in residential areas and landfills. We sort, collect and sell recyclable materials. Currently we have a membership of over 5500 reclaimers in and around the City of Johannesburg. We represent and defend the interests of reclaimers, and ensure that they are able to partake fully as members of society in the recycling economy and in looking after the environment.

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Solidarity Group

Support our cause by following our social media pages & inviting your friends to follow our social platforms so we can spread awareness on the reclaimer’s valuable role.

School Outreach Program

We are passionate about our cause, and teaching our youth about recycling is vital for a greener future. Make a booking with us to come do a talk at your local school.

COVID-19 Campaign

Please show your support for our valuable reclaimers by donating to the Back-A-Buddy campaign set up to support reclaimers during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

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City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

+27 (0)60 321 5800